Poster printing shops in Hyderabad


Even before the advent of digital marketing, posters were used for brand awareness and event communication on a large scale. No matter how effective your content is, without attractive design and printing, it is meaningless. Believe or not, visual create more impact than any other media. Tholasi Prints adds life to your poster and is one of the best poster printing shops in Hyderabad.

Elevate your brand awareness with lively posters

Printing a poster is not a big task, printing it in a way that adds life to it is not a cakewalk. Tholasi Print is an expert in this task and has been bestowed as the one-stop poster printing shops in Hyderabad.

Posters come in varies sizes A1, A2 and A3. You can choose sizes, paper thickness, printing finish and quality as per your requirement and budget. Posters designed for outdoor purposes are made water-resistant and mounted on a thick board. Poster design is conceptual and never disappoints you in attracting target audience. There should not be much information rather it should have catchy content and relevant images.