Printing industry in Bangalore


Ever since the mankind started to communicate professionally, printing industry has played an important role.

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Tholasi Prints is a leading printing industry in Bangalore. Since our inception in 1972, we have been delivering world-class printing services. We have gained appreciation from our clients due to our high standards of work, commitment to excellence and use of modern technology.

Replacing thoughts with vibrant designs & prints

Tholasi Prints, a leading Best Printing Press In Bangalore is successfully delivering printing services to its clients across India. We provide myriad options ranging from personalized collaterals for branding to launch mailings and campaign creatives. We understand your requirements and accordingly deliver the best creative in the most innovative way.

By implementing the latest technologies like Easy-Control Color Management System, Mellow color, Wide Gamut Color System, D50 Lighting Studio and many more, we have gone a far way in establishing ourselves as the leading printing industries in Bangalore.