Latest offset printing technology


Tholasi Prints provide Latest offset printing technology in Bangalore. The two most commonly used techniques in the printing industry are offset printing and digital printing. Both the technologies have their specific uses and offer the best printing solutions. Latest offset printing technology and digital printing complement each other in terms of printing requirements.Latest offset printing technologies caters to medium-to-longer jobs and digital performing on short-to-medium printing tasks.

Future of offset printing

The offset printing technology has been the standard in the printing industry since 1903. It is a conventional printing method for customers looking for high volume printings, cost effective methods, flexibility and high-quality results.

Offset printing offers animpressive degree of accuracy and clarity because the ink only comes in contact with those areas that are required to be printed. The other areas are covered with a thin film to repel any unwanted ink. Therefore, the result is a very clean printing.

Offset Printing Company In India dominates the printing industry because it is the most efficient and cost-effective printing solution.